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Lindby Custom, Inc. is dedicated to produce top quality products and offering first rate customer service. In support of and to protect our authorized distributor, dealers and consumers, we ask that you always verify authenticity and return policies of any highway bar reported to be a Lindby Custom, Inc. product that you purchase online outside of our website. Get the facts on your purchase before you commit. A majority of sellers are also very committed to provide quality items and services, but beware those selling knock-offs and cheap imitations. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is! Copycat parts are an infringement of our patents and do not offer the warranty, material quality and service that Lindby Custom, Inc. parts have, nor do they offer the same craftsmanship and quality of detail of our parts.


FEATURELindbyKnock Offs

Tube material - wall thickness0.120”0.087”

Bracket material - thickness0.250”0.187”

Tubes hand polished 3 times for a high quality finish

Linbar Comfort - Knock-Off Models Foot Rest 3" Higher Than Linbar

Brackets hand polished 3 times on flat side and edges for a high quality finish

Precision TIG hand welded*

Triple Chrome Plating for high quality, durability and great look**

One Year Warranty on Chrome Finish***

Life Time Warranty on Workmanship***

Great customer phone service and technical support

Great return policy without a restocking fee



Please be aware the following points when you are looking to purchase a highway bar

  • Wall thickness of tube.
  • Material thickness of mounting brackets.
  • Quality of the polishing before chrome plating or powder coating.
  • Quality of our final finish, triple chrome plating/ powder coating with a clear coat finish.
  • Product comfort, on our product the foot position is 3” lower that the knock of product.
  • Product warranty
  • Customer service/ installation help
  • Years in business

* Knock offs use MIG welded
** Knock offs use single or double chrome plating
*** Knock Off offer only 3 month warrenty